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About Us

Central-IT-Service has been providing onsite Information Technology services to the Central New England area for over 15 years. Not only directly but working with major companies providing services to their customer base in the Central New England market.


The owner, Mark Verhyden, has been involved in various phases of technology since the late 1970's. Starting with the introduction of computers for data acquisition and processing of surface and subsurface sensors during the oil well drilling process. Was involved in introducing a remote access service to a microVax which provided drilling computing services. Later tested in line monitoring systems for pipeline coating. Worked at CompUSA for over 10 years in positions of management, sales, front end, and tech services. After CompUSA started closing it's doors he decided to launch into the business full time.


There are a number of partners that work with the Company providing additional services and support as needed. We have the ability to provide boots on the ground around much of the country if local customers need that type of support.